Join the Launch Team

The Launch Team

The Light WPB exists to make disciples of Jesus that light up the world (our mission statement). The following is a description of what it looks like to become part of the launch team.

Church Values: 

  • Love
  • Gospel
  • Family
  • Stewardship

The Ideal Person:

  • feels called/compelled by the Lord to be part of The Light WPB
  • is committed to serve with her/his time, resources and, talent
  • will actively pursue church membership


  • To participate in the core team meetings (for vision casting and organizing events). 
  • To participate in the community life of The Light WPB for your own discipleship, namely the midweek gathering.
  • To serve neighborhood events and/or outreaches.
  • To support the church by giving financially to the Light WPB.

For more info: | 561-463-4524